Boogie Dance Week

Local dancing before Boogie, sightseeing by day, dancing at night.

See the Next Generation Swing Dance Club calendar for contact information and addresses.

Saturday, October 3rd,
Next Generation Swing Dance, Allegro Ballroom, Emeryville.  Dance starts at 6:00

Sunday, October 4th,
Michelle’s Sunday Dance, 100 North B St., San Mateo.  Dance starts at 6:00

Monday, October 5th,
Two Left Feet, Danville.  Nick Jay and Katie Boyle, lessons start at 7:30
Richard Kear’s Monday lessons and dance, Dance Boulevard, San Jose.  Lessons at 7:15, dance at 9:15.

Tuesday, October 6th,
WnY Warehouse, Novato.  Lessons start at 6:45, dance starts at 8:30

Wednesday, October 7th,
Mission City Swing, San Francisco.  Lessons start at 7, dance starts at 9:00.  or
B Street Boogie, San Mateo.  Lessons start at 7, dance starts at 8:30.

Thursday, October 8th,
Boogie By The Bay