Boogie by the Bay has been proud to support two scholarship programs for young dancers: The Next Generation Swing Dance Club Scholarship and the Jack & Annie Scholarship.

The Next Generation Swing Dance Club Scholarship

The Next Generation Swing Dance Club Dance Scholarship aims to promote West Coast Swing, its current community, history, and upcoming community leaders and builders by providing opportunities to individuals looking to expand the exposure of West Coast Swing.  By enriching the quality of individual involvement and investing in the future of West Coast Swing, we are looking to help provide awareness of West Coast Swing to non-dancers as well as help ensure the longevity of California’s State Dance.

Historically, The Next Generation Swing Dance Club (Next Gen) Scholarship was awarded each April to Northern California swing dancers who show promise as dancers and actively promote dancing by recruiting new dancers, dancing at a wide variety of venues, encouraging lower level dancers, or being a host at Next Gen dances. The base scholarship was $500 for dance-related expenses plus a year’s membership in Next Gen. Recipients were chosen each March by Next Gen’s board of directors.

In 2018, the scholarship criteria and awards were updated by the Next Gen board.

Past recipients

  • Dustin Anderson and Britney Petrini (2001)
  • Ricky Andrade and Jessica Laufer (2002)
  • Sheena Shirley and Irvington High School Social Dance Program (2003)
  • SiMone Andrade and Samantha Buckwalter (2004)
  • Kerry Fuggett, Christin Noel, and Irvington High School Social Dance Program (2005)
  • Fallon Andrade, Travis Andrade, Rhoni Blankenhorn, Aaron Crotty, and Amanda Ott (2006)
  • Shane Gomes, Caitlin Lawson, Sean McKeever, and Ashley Smith (2007)
  • Brady Rogers and Rome Slater (2008)
  • Michael O’Connor and Chevy Slater (2009)
  • Alyssa Glanville, Janelle Guido, Jason Taylor, and Kristen Teuscher (2010)
  • Trista Eazell, Daniel Guido, and Elisabeth Zosseder (2011)
  • Kevin Kane, Sammi Sekhon, and Matthew Taylor (2012)
  • Mackenzie Goodmanson and Steven Guido (2013)
  • Tessa Greer and Ben O’Neal (2014)
  • Riley Crozier, David Guido, Amber O’Connell, and Colton Skogberg (2015)
  • Brittany Schiro, Grand Prize recipient 2018

To make a donation we accept donations through various electronic forms but you can also do it the old fashioned way and mail us a check.

Make your check payable to “The Next Generation Swing Dance Club” and mail it to:
The Next Generation Swing Dance Club
Attn: Scholarship Fund
300 Grand Ave, Box 216
Oakland, CA  94610

Contributions are tax-deductible. Don’t forget that your employer may offer matching funds.

The Jack and Annie Scholarship
The Jack and Annie Scholarship was a $500 cash award to young California dancers to aid them in continuing their education. Awards are presented in recognition of exemplary conduct on and off the dance floor, and dedication to excellence in both dance and academic pursuits. Jack Carey and Annie Hirsch selected the recipients and present awards at dance events throughout the year.  We retain this information for historical purposes as Jack and Annie have been a large part of the Boogie family and icons in the California West Coast Swing world.

Past recipients

  • Jordan Frisbee (1999)
  • Jessica Cox (2000)
  • Heidi Groskreutz, Tatiana Mollmann, and Benji Schwimmer (2001)
  • Dustin Anderson, Terra Guthrie, Jessica Laufer, and Adrian Trejo (2002)
  • Samantha Buckwalter and Johnny Snyder (2003)
  • Sarah Breck and Michael Pangan (2004)
  • Ricky Andrade, Ben Morris, Melina Ramirez, and Lacey Schwimmer (2005)
  • Robert Adams, Alyssa Lanier, Dane Patterson, and Amber Ripley (2006)
  • Lauren Adams, Jonny Dessel, Ben McHenry, Torri Smith, and Tara Trafzer (2007)
  • Josh Clark, Sean McKeever, and Ashley Smith (2008)
  • SiMone Andrade, Travis Andrade, Chevy Slater, and Rome Slater (2009)
  • Connor Goodmanson, Daniel Guido, Jessica Greer, and Caitlin Lawson (2010)
  • Christopher Dumond, Alyssa Glanville, Janelle Guido, and Jason Taylor (2011)