Social Dancer Award

Swing dancing is, above all, a social activity. As part of its core mission and philosophy, The Next Generation Swing Dance Club encourages good social dance skills that enhance the dance experience for everyone.

To reward outstanding social dancing, Boogie by the Bay will recognize at least one attendee with our Social Dancer Award. The judges are anonymous and will be observing social dancing all weekend. All attendees, from beginners to pros, are automatically signed up. The judges will be looking for dancers who:

  • Dance with people of all skill levels.
  • Pay special attention to beginners and newcomers.
  • Have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Make every partner’s dance enjoyable.

This year’s winners will be announced during the Awards on Sunday evening. They will receive complimentary admission to next year’s event.

2019 Awards
Elizabeth Spann (Denver, CO)
Joel Jimenez (Lake Forrest, CA)

2018 Awards
Alex Kalau (Redding, CA)
Laurel Walker (Sebastopol, CA)

2017 Awards
Isabelle Duverne (Novato, CA)
Maxwell Libbrecht (Vancouver, BC)

2016 Awards
Brian Sforzo (Los Angeles, CA)
Caitlyn Lawson (Chico, CA)

2015 Awards
Alex Wood (Vancouver, WA)
Ann Wood (Vancouver, WA)
Glenda Smith (Sacramento, CA)
Randolph Peters (Pittsburg, PA)

2014 Awards
Gabor Lippner (Boston, MA)
Matthew Hogan (Medford, OR)
Nicole Heuga (Santa Cruz, CA)
Sara Willis-Hilbrich (Washington, DC)

2013 Awards
Dalena Lee (Singapore)
Katy Bartlett (Colorado)
Paul Warden (United Kingdom)
Richard Chung (South Korea)

2012 Awards
John Piper (Chico, CA)
Rochelle Hoffler (Austin, TX)
Sue Lambell (United Kingdom)
Torsten Duffy (Monterey, CA)

2011 Awards
Anna Balcom (Boston, MA)
Michelle Dittfach (Phoenix, AZ)
PJ Turner (Knoxville, TN)
Tze Yi Wee (Singapore)

2010 Awards
Bobby Watson (Phoenix, AZ)
Laurie Shafer (Canada)
Robert Jackson (Washington, DC)
Virginie Grondin (France)

2009 Awards
David Dante (Washington, DC)
David Gooding (Australia)
Silvia Parvu (Denver, CO)