Boogie by the Bay welcomes anyone to dance as a leader or follower.  We encourage you to register for the role you prefer in our competitions.

Please see our competition rules for details. Contestants should be familiar with them.

On-line competition registration for 2019 is closed.  You can still register at the event at the same prices.  Please honor our registration hours and pick up your bib number during these times!

Contest desk registration hours:
Thursday 7pm – 9pm
Friday 12 noon – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 11am

Next Generational Jack & Jill
We are continuing to offer a special Jack & Jill competition that was inspired by our 25th Anniversary. This competition is for Juniors (age 17 or younger), who will be paired with All-Star/Champion partners. There is no fee to enter!

Switch-it-Up Jack & Jill
Are you comfortable dancing both roles?  For this competition, you and your partner will be expected to switch roles frequently. Open to all levels.

Jack & Jill competitions

Every year we update our event rules to align with the current World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) Jack & Jill rules. We offer the following divisions:

  • Novice Jack & Jill (WSDC)
  • Intermediate Jack & Jill (WSDC)
  • Masters Jack & Jill (WSDC)
  • Advanced Jack & Jill (WSDC)
  • All-Stars Jack & Jill (WSDC)
  • Champions Jack & Jill (WSDC)
  • Next Generational Jack & Jill
  • Switch-It-Up Jack & Jill

Strictly Swing competitions

  • Novice Strictly Swing
  • Intermediate Strictly Swing
  • Masters Strictly Swing
  • Advanced Strictly Swing
  • All-Stars Strictly Swing
  • Champions Strictly Swing

Routine competitions

Boogie by the Bay is a member of the Rising Star Tour (RST) and the National Association of Swing Dance Events (NASDE).

  • Rising Star
  • Showcase
  • Classic